ACPR’s MD State 2017 Champions!


 Level 8

Tiahna Mitchell           Senior C                      Vault               9.425


Level 5

Aspen Quinn               Junior A                      Beam               9.600

Emma Haynes             Junior B                      Beam               9.250


Level 4

Lyla Hamel                  Child A                       Vault               9.450

Lyla Hamel                  Child A                       Beam               9.450

Lyla Hamel                  Child A                       All Around      37.875

Kendall Zimmerman    Senior B                      Vault               9.600

Katie Boyd                  Senior E                      Vault               9.350

Katie Boyd                  Senior E                      Bars                 9.600

Katie Boyd                  Senior E                      Beam               9.200

Katie Boyd                  Senior E                      All Around      37.750


Level 3

Kaleigh Fuchs             Child A                       Vault               9.700

Kaleigh Fuchs             Child A                       Bars                 9.750

Kaleigh Fuchs             Child A                       All Around      38.450

Sara Donarum             Junior A                     Floor               9.800

Presleigh Jackson        Senior B                      Beam               9.400

Allysen Harten            Senior D                      Vault               9.350

Natasha Pugh              Senior E                      Bars                 9.700

Moriah Lewis              Senior F                      Vault               9.525

Moriah Lewis              Senior F                      Floor               9.700


Level 5 Maryland State Team Members

Emma Quick               Junior A                      All Around      37.675

Aspen Quinn               Junior A                      All Around      37.425


Level 8 Regional Qualifiers

Hope Mitchell             Junior A                      All Around      37.050

Quinn Donarum          Junior C                      All Around      35.300

Tiahna Mitchell           Senior C                      All Around      35.250

Payton Lynch              Senior C                      All Around      34.975

Jillian Wahl                 Senior B                      All Around      34.475


Congratulations to Level 5 on taking 3rd Place at the MD State Gymnastics Championships!

Congratulations to Level 3 on taking 4th Place at the MD State Gymnastics Championships!

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