Meets We Host

ACPR hosts 2 or 3 women’s artistic USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic meets per competitive season. We run two “invitational meets,” where we invite all Maryland gymnastics clubs as well as programs from out of state. We host one invitational in the fall (the Harvestfest invitational) and one in the spring (the Fantasy Invitational). We also have been fortunate to be awarded a state meet each year by the Maryland USAG Board.  State or regional meets run differently than our invitationals as will be explained below. All ACPR hosted meets have 8 NAWGJ judges (two per event). We have great AAI equipment and a new “Palmer” spring floor for the competitions. We use electronic score boards to flash scores and a new Proscore scoring system to tabulate scores. This helps our meets run quickly and efficiently. Awards ceremonies start about 10 minutes after the competition is complete. Our gym has bleacher seating for over 200 with great views of the competitive areas. We always give great awards and trophies and nice “goodie bags” for the gymnasts. We give all-around trophies for the winners as well as great team trophies. Our food room is one of the best in Maryland with many hot dishes to choose from and a place to sit and eat should you choose. Coaches receive complimentary meal coupons for the food room. We sell leotards at a very competitive price as well as other gymnastics related items.