#3 State or Regional Meets

Each year for many years, ACPR has been fortunate to be awarded a State meet by the USA Gymnastics Maryland State Board. In 2017, we hosted the Level 4 State Gymnastics Meet. When we host a “big” meet, like a state or Regional meet, we use the entire Churchville Recreation Center with both gyms.

This gives us a much larger space (about 20,000 square feet) since we use both our “training” gym and the “big” gym on the other side. We rent equipment so we have two full sets of equipment, one for warm-ups and one in the big gym for competition.

This allows us to use a modified Capital Cup format for these meets, where there are generally 8 squads of gymnasts competing. Because of the competition format these meets run efficiently and quickly. The gymnasts warm-up in the smaller gym and compete in the large side.

State meets at ACPR are a great experience for the girls because we put a lot of effort into making it a “special” event. We always receive many compliments from coaches and parents who attend these events about the facility, the food, but mostly because we made it a special event for the gymnasts.