Class Descriptions

We offer rnumerous recreational gymnastics classes to children ages 2 1/2 and older. Our highly trained instructional staff provide a wide variety of gymnastics experiences for the aspiring gymnast. We currently have over 800 gymnasts in our winter session and have opened up spring registration (a 6 week session). Check out the rest of this website to learn more.


Parent and Tot (PnT): Age 18 months – 2 ½ years old: Children must be 18 months or older by the first day of class for the session that they are enrolling in (no exceptions).

Learning Through Movement (LTM): Age 2 ½ – 3 ½ years old: Children must be 2 ½ or older by the first day of class for the session that they are enrolling in (no exceptions). At this age, children will explore basic motor development through warm-ups and beginner gymnastics skills. This class is structured and promotes good listening habits. Students will be introduced to a variety of directional words such as, up/down, in/out, over/under, through/around etc. Positive reinforcement and a fun learning environment at ACPR Gymnastics is a great place to start your child’s physical development.

Gym 1: Age 3 ½ – 4 years old: Gym 1 is a structured program with emphasis on introducing gymnastics skills in a positive and safe environment. At this age, children will develop self confidence while increasing their agility, strength and flexibility. Skill development will be similar to those taught in the LTM class. Repetition is extremely important at this age.

Gym 2: Age 4 ½ – 5 years old: Gym 2 children are more mature and better able to multitask. Skill level increases greatly in this class and many new skills are introduced. Children will continue to develop positive self-esteem and ” lots of cartwheels “.Gym 3:

Age 4 ½ – 5 years old: Gym 3 is designed for the student who has taken gymnastics throughout their preschool years. Children must have previous gymnastics experience and be able to do a beginner cartwheel and push up into a bridge by themselves. As a group, this class will perfect their current skills and be challenged with some new ones.
Kindergarten and up classes


5 to 6 year olds: Beginner gymnasts who are entering kindergarten and 6 year olds will be introduced to basic gymnastics in this class. Students will begin with rolls and cartwheels and then progress to backbends and kick-overs. Beginner skills will be taught on all apparatus such as: vault, bars, balance beam, floor, foam pit, and trampolines. All children entering kindergarten will begin in this class regardless of previous gymnastics experience.

7 to 8 year olds: This class is designed for the 7 to 8 year old gymnasts who is a beginner or needs to build and perfect skills learned at an earlier age. At this age students are more mature and can progress at a faster rate.

9 years and older: This class is for gymnasts who are a little older and want to start gymnastics or build on their current skill level. At this age, the students are given some input into what they want to accomplish. Round-offs and back handsprings will be introduced in this class. Gymnasts at several different levels can sign up for this class.

Intermediate: Intermediate gymnastics is for the gymnast who has accomplished their basic skills. The requirements for this class are based on floor. Students must have a good cartwheel, round-off and a backbend or a kick-over. Students will continue to perfect their beginner skills while being introduced to back walkovers and back handsprings. More advanced skills will be taught on all the other apparatus.

Advanced Gymnastics: All gymnasts signing up for this level should have completed a few years or more of gymnastics training. Students are required to have a back handspring and intermediate level skills on all four women’s gymnastics apparatus such as vault, bars, beam, and floor (Any questions about placement please call 410-836-2080).

Basic Tumbling and Tramp: Students must be 8 years or older to register for this class. Unlike all of the other classes that teach all four of the women’s events, this class teaches only floor exercise and the elements that are part of it. Beginner tumbling and trampoline skills will be taught in a positive and safe environment. The main focus of this class is to build strength and skill level toward the goal of learning round-offs and back handsprings. Gymnastics is a sport of progressions and students will need to show good basics before these higher level tumbling skills are taught. This class is the perfect start for the beginning cheerleader.

Advanced Tumbling and Tramp: students in this class have already progressed to a more advanced level of tumbling. The requirement to sign up for this class is a back handspring and basic tumbling skills. Typically students in this class are middle to high school age (Any questions about placement please call 410-836-2080 ).

Homeshool Classes: Our homeschool classes are designed for the student who is available during the day to take a gymnastics class. This is a type of physical training that involves strength and flexibility while having fun. It is extremely important for a child’s over all development. The classes are divided by age. Please register for an age appropriate class.