Coach’s Corner

Parents primary responsibility is to support their athlete, to keep her healthy, happy and ready for her to take the time in her training for her sport.  Also, the hard one, to supoort her unconditionally regardless if she is performing perfectly or not at competitions, or taking first places or not. It is the coaches job to direct the technical training of the athlete, to encourage her when she iis down, and to pick her up and get her on track when she needs it.  Also, to keep her safe in her pursuit of excellence.

It is the athlete’s job to love her sport, to give it her all to it and to work respectfully and hard in pursuit of her goals. It is HER job to push herself, to have the heart to accept defeat only as a challenge and to go forward. Every champion has this! No one can give that to her, it comes from inside.

MEET OUR COACHES! To be updated with photos and short bios

Mr. Steve Cornelison – Head Coach (Level 4-10)
Ms. Dana Abbleby – Level 3 Head Coach
Ms. Rhonda Schultz – Super Trooper Head Coach
Ms. Holly Bushyager – Excel Head Coach
Ms. Suzy Brockmeyer – Skills Head Coach
Ms. Anne Pascoe (Team Ballet Teacher)

Ms. Vicky Evans
Ms. Emily Heller
Ms. Carol Holden
Ms. Angel Revi
Ms. Margaret Robinson
Ms. Wendy Sears
Ms. Lindsay Steckel

Ms. Tayler Appleby
Ms. Laurie Colquitt
Ms. Elizabeth Cornelison
Ms. Makena Leighton
Ms Amy Riley
Ms. Jessi Smith
Ms Kelly Zurvalec

Savannah Briggs
Victoria Lioi
Payton Lynch
Jillian Wahl