The TOP’s team is a group of selected young gymnasts, ages 6-11, who have the desire and ability to pursue gymnastics to a higher level. TOP’s is part of USA Gymnastics Elite program. TOP’s is designed to help train very talented, young athletes and to help prepare them for high level gymnastics. By identifying these athletes early in their careers, ACPR will give them a chance to possibly pursue their dreams at the very highest levels of gymnastics. TOP’s athletes train during their regular team time with an additional time each week that is devoted to preparation for the summer testing program.

The TOP’s program is basically a high level strength, flexibility and skills training program that emphasizes developing and performing basic gymnastics skills with excellence at a very young age. ACPR has been part of the USA Gymnastics TOP’s program for approximately 10 years and has produced successful young athletes who have competed at the USA Gymnastics National TOP’s testing at the National Gymnastics Training center in Houston, Texas. One girl qualified 3 years in a row into the National Training camp and has had great experiences training with the National team and Olympic coaches. ACPR coaches have also been privileged to attend these camps with our athletes, and have had great learning experiences working side by side with the National Team coaches.We have high hopes for this year’s TOP’s girls and hope to have qualifiers to the National training camp again this summer.