Super Troopers

The Supertrooper team is the next level of developmental team at ACPR.  Supertrooper team members are usually 5 or older in age and practice 3 days/week (6 hours). As the second level of training team, Supertroopers learn the skills contained in USA gymnastics Level 1 through Level 3.  Here, emphasis is placed on strength, flexibility, and form as the girls continue to learn new skills in a fun and yet mildly challenging environment. This is a pre-competitive team for very young athletes, but girls who are ready can participate in a fun practice competition, the “Supertrooper Special” in the spring.  This is a wonderful event where the girls get to show off their gymnastics skills and routines in a comfortable environment in front of their parents and friends.  For many of the girls, this is their very first experience performing in front of an audience and is a rewarding and fun experience. The “Supertrooper Team’ head coach is “Miss Rhonda”.