Team Program

togetHer we are strong

ACPR competes in USAG levels 3 thru 10.  


Gymnasts are the epitome of strength, balance, agility and athleticism. Many wish they could be like them, some loathe to look like them, several want to be strong like them and very few are actually them. It takes a severe amount of discipline, determination, mental strength, and a hard work ethic to be able to call yourself a gymnast and to become one of elite caliber.


Gymnastics Strength Training as a means of building up your baseline level of strength primarily through gymnastics and bodyweight-based exercises. This strength can then be applied in several ways: Advancing into training for more difficult progressions of fundamental gymnastic movements, such as those on the floor, beam, vault or bars.


Flexibility is a primary factor in gymnastics. When the body becomes more flexible, the risk of injury is reduced. Maintaining a level of mobility for joints and muscles is very important. When we stay flexible, our muscles will not grow weak, and the range and motion within our joints will help prevent future injuries and ailments that can be caused by decreased flexibility. In addition, decreased flexibility and range of motion can cause a plethora of injuries such as tears, strains to the muscles, injuries and disease to joints.

achieving goals

Goal setting is one of the most important things you can work on throughout your gymnastics career! Not only that, it’s a fantastic life-lesson that will serve you well in school, work, family and every chapter of your life.