Level 4

On the level 4 team, girls 7 and older learn and compete the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Level 4 compulsory routines. Girls training on our Level 4 team train 3 to 4 days/week (aprox 11 to 14 hours/week). Usually, by the time girls have moved to this team they have developed a strong commitment to their sport as well as the desire and ability to pursue a more competitive gymnastics career. The mission of the Level 4 team is to prepare girls for success at Level 4 and to begin preparations for higher levels of competition. Some Level 4 girls train 4 days/week with the goal of competing at Level 5. Girls on the Level 4 team compete in approximately 9-10 competitions per season with the goal of qualifying for and competing in the Level 4 Maryland State Championships. ACPR has a strong history of success at this level and has produced many Level 4 state championship individuals and teams.  The head coaches for this team are “Ms. Lindsay” and “Ms. Vicki”.