Rules and Policies


Twice every 12 week session we have “Observation Week”. During those weeks, the bleachers are pulled out in the big gym and chairs are available in the Pre-School gym for parents, siblings and friends to come in and watch their child’s gymnastics class.   Until those weeks, we ask that you remain in the lobby . The instructor will remind you the week before Observation Week so that you may come with family, friends and cameras.


Due to the fact that we have over 800 children taking classes with us, we do not allow any classes to be made up that are missed for illness or any other reason. If a class has been closed due to inclement weather or other reasons (like when we host a meet), it will be made up at the end of the session.  We do not follow Harford County school closing policy except in the case of inclement weather.


Girls should wear a leotard or elastic waist shorts with a t-shirt long enough to tuck in. Boys may wear sweat clothes or shorts and a t-shirt. If it is cold, sweat clothes may be worn. No socks or jewelry may be worn. All long hair must be pulled back from the face. Small studs are the only acceptable earrings.


All children must be walked into the building by an adult. Please wait with your child in the hall until it is time for their class to begin. No child will be dismissed unless a parent is present. Please drive slowly on the lane in front of the building.


We will be hosting a Gymnastics Meet (Harvestfest) the weekend of Nov 13 and 14, 2010.  We will also be hosting the Fantasy Invitational on March 5-6, 2011. Come watch the hundreds of gymnasts compete from around the region.


Each year, ACPR holds “Olympic Day”.   All gymnasts are invited (at no cost) to participate in a series of activities that are designed for their level of gymnastic abilities. Everyone will receive a medal and a certificate.  Photos are available from Lifetouch Photography.  Every year around 300 children participate in this event which runs continuously for about four hours.   It takes around 30 minutes for your child to go through and you may come at any time during that time period.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION We have many parents and siblings waiting in the lobby. As you can see, the lobby cannot hold all of these people. There are many other programs that use the building. Please allow them to have free passage through the lobby. Please do not allow your children to play with the pay phone in the lobby. Also, please be considerate of the office staff and others by keeping the noise level and activity to a minimum. Thank you for your help.