Optional Teams

Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10)

The “Optional” team is comprised of girls from JO level’s 6 through 10. It is at these higher levels where the gymnasts perform not “compulsory” routines that are specific movements choreographed by USA gymnastics, but “Optional” routines that we develop here at ACPR. The true personality and abilities of our gymnasts come out at the optional level since we tailor the routines to the strengths of the individual gymnast.  

Optional gymnasts train 4-5 days/week (15-20 hours/week or more). These girls are dedicated athletes who have decided to pursue a career at a higher level of gymnastics with the goal (perhaps) of performing on a University Gymnastics team and perhaps obtaining a scholarship. They make the sacrifices necessary to pursue their goal of excellence in the sport of gymnastics. The dedication, courage, intelligence, and determination that it takes to be successful at these levels of gymnastics is attainable by only a few. They will develop lifelong friendships, goal setting skills and a work ethic that will serve them well as they move forward into college and later into the “real world”. ACPR has a number of “Optional” team graduates who have gone on to compete on College or University teams and have experienced great success.